Category Fabrication

Sarkissian Mason Conference Table

A 6 metre long table for a New York design company to be used for meetings and as flexible desk space.

Aitken Studio Furniture

A set of 6 veneered tables, 3 of which with a span of over 3m, and a shelving unit made to fit into an obtuse angle.

Turner Broadcasting System

I was the art director for this large scale station promo set, for Hungry Man productions and the US cable station TBS. We built a third of a vast imaginary futuristic comedy nerve centre in the old Hughes Aviation building in Los Angeles where the Spruce Goose was made in the 1930s. The remaining two […]

Craftsman House Architectural Woodwork

A staircase, 2 corner benches and various pieces of architectural woodwork throughout a late Victorian Craftsman house in Pasadena, California. This project called for extensive research into the local period design.