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Hewlett Packard “Vera”

I was art director on this commercial directed by Olivier Gondry for Partizan Films in New York in 2006. It was a series of vignettes illustrating the things fashion designer Vera Wang uses her computer for. Gondry combined live green-screened actors with miniature physical models. My job was to help design the miniature sets with […]

Turner Broadcasting System

I was the art director for this large scale station promo set, for Hungry Man productions and the US cable station TBS. We built a third of a vast imaginary futuristic comedy nerve centre in the old Hughes Aviation building in Los Angeles where the Spruce Goose was made in the 1930s. The remaining two […]

Heineken “Election Year”

This commercial had a live elephant and a donkey seen training in two dance studios from a bar across a street in Washington DC. The gag was that the studios were on the upper floors of the buildings, so we designed the set to have a composited floor below the actual ground of the film […]