Jonathan’s Office

A birch and steel office in a beautifully preserved 1930’s modernist flat in Belsize Park. The client wanted an uncluttered, functional space with storage for books, office equipment and the ability for the room to double as a guest bedroom. To make it feel as light as possible and to emphasise the separation of the elements from each other and the room, I chose to “float” the desk and cupboards on adjustable steel supports, and to give vertical air gaps at the walls. The hardwood elements for the tall cupboards and the desk’s connection to the long wall are all birch in order to minimise the palette of materials.

Daniel’s Kitchen

A fully custom hardwood kitchen in a mansion flat in Belsize Park. Oak counters and wall joinery, doveltailed solid oak drawers with painted plywood doors, solid ash face frame and table, several one-off pieces of furniture design including the main table, an oak open slatted vegetable larder, minimal wall units and the pegboard wall with integral oak and glass shelving. I tailored the form of each item to it’s function, with the aim of making a diverse collection of furniture proportioned together for the whole space rather than the standardised, modular system of a typical modern kitchen.

Townshend Loft

A CNC-cut desk and shelving unit with lower cabinetry and bike racks in custom laminated birch plywood and a 6m solid sapele picture rail installed in a converted Victorian school in Kennington. A chamfered edge detail runs throughout the plywood pieces, dictating the offsets between all the panel joints.

Gerard’s Kitchen

A compact kitchen with cherry counters, birch ply cabinetry, a glass shelving unit set into a window, and appliances hidden under counter flaps. Aside from the challenge of fitting a full-function kitchen into a modest space, my main design goal was to maximize the feeling of space in the room by avoiding interruptions of the counter with bulky vertical boxes.

Staircase and Record Shelving with Turntable Drawer

Furniture commission for musician, DJ and producer Jamie Smith for his flat in Hoxton. The staircase takes most of it’s rigidity from it’s own joinery so that it can be fixed to the wall just on one side and suspended from the mezzanine by steel posts bolted to the top tread. The point being to strip away any unnecessary bulk so it doesn’t crowd the narrow space it’s installed in. The other major piece houses a large record collection, a projector, amp and a wide drawer behind an inset flap for turntables and a mixer. Cherry plywood and steel. Drawer Mechanism Quicktime

Stairwell Library

A bookcase using the tall wall above a flight of stairs in a flat in central London, with a ladder which hangs like a sculpture when not in use. I went through several variations of split counterweighted sliding ladders before settling on this simpler solution, which needed a prototype stage for the ladder to find the best relationship between size, weight and strength. The steel bar which the ladder clips onto also supports the weight of the shelves. Sapele, steel and aluminium.

Havelock Library

A centrepiece library, reading sofa and storage cabinet for a modern London flat finished in cherry, sapele, sycamore and steel. The focus of this design is the carefully weighted relationship between the elements and the free space surrounding them. The dual-purpose ladder and the book display shelves are intended to accommodate a constantly changing, visually rich environment.

Allerton Landscape Design Illustration

This illustration project for a large townhouse garden in Hampstead is a good example of using traditional media (watercolour and pencil) over a CAD skeleton. The digital model ensures accurate scaling of the spaces and proposed planting but the final look has a warmth and subtlety impossible with a digital rendering.

The Savoy Grill

Working for Russell Sage Studio, I was senior designer for the recent refurbishment of the Savoy Grill at the historic Savoy Hotel in London. The design was part of a major refurbishment completed in 2010. Our brief was to provide a new and lavish interior which reconnects with the restaurant’s history while preserving the existing seating plan. The hotel is the only one in the world with a full-time historian, who provided us with a visual history of the space. From there we developed a theme inspired by the hotel’s original Edwardian interior designer, Basil Ionides, the glass palace Art Deco interior of the Savoy Theatre and the great ocean liners of the 30’s.

Diamond Bed Prototype

This steel bed prototype is light, clean and strong, with invisible slot-together joints and ash slats to support the mattress. The use of steel also allows generous storage space underneath. Manufactured by the excellent Mike Metcalfe, I’m working on offering this as a product in a powder coated and a stainless steel finish.