Tag Hardwood

Stairwell Library

A bookcase using the tall wall above a flight of stairs in a flat in central London, with a ladder which hangs like a sculpture when not in use. I went through several variations of split counterweighted sliding ladders before settling on this simpler solution, which needed a prototype stage for the ladder to find […]

Havelock Library

A centrepiece library, reading sofa and storage cabinet for a modern London flat finished in cherry, sapele, sycamore and steel. The focus of this design is the carefully weighted relationship between the elements and the free space surrounding them. The dual-purpose ladder and the book display shelves are intended to accommodate a constantly changing, visually […]

Sanders Interior

Conversion of an open plan loft-style space in London to a 2 bedroom apartment, with a staircase and joinery in solid walnut. Design, project co-ordination, cabinetry. August – September 2009.

Havelock Shelves

A pair of hardwood and steel shelves with concealed fixings.

Greenwood Shelves

2 minimal sapele and steel shelving pieces for a London flat.

Sarkissian Mason Conference Table

A 6 metre long table for a New York design company to be used for meetings and as flexible desk space.